Counseling from a Christian Perspective

Getting in touch with our spiritual center, where hidden messages and untruths are found, is an important part of the counseling process.  Conventional ideas about religion and aspects of fear based Christian teachings can be broken down and looked at through the grid of Biblical truth.  I believe that we are intensely valued and loved by the God that created us.  This is a filter by which we can bring about more clarity and understanding.

My definition of a Christian, a person who has accepted and surrendered to the Deity of Christ, is based on the actual sayings of Jesus himself.  We cannot do anything that will make God love us any more or any less. Referred to as a doctrine of graceā€¦a rejection of the belief that our behavior determines our self-worth is something to ponder.  Having a strong belief that an ever-forgiving God is filled with love for us provides a strong liberating resource for our lives.

One of the goals of counseling is to bring into awareness the punitive conscience and replace it with an attitude of total acceptance toward ourselves.  By having a deep understanding of how God says he sees us, we will start to replace our old beliefs with the truth about ourselves.  Once aware, we can choose to either live with the inner voice of condemnation and accusation, or rather, with the more motivating inner voice of forgiveness and self-acceptance.  Making the commitment to address the unwanted voices and replace them with truth can be a challenging but worthwhile endeavor.

The reward?  Better relationships.  Because we see others through the same lens we see ourselves, we will be less critical and judgmental....inviting rather distancing ourselves from people.  It is the way we were created to peace and with contentment.