Ask Your Question

You are invited to email me one question after you have reviewed my website to inquire about anything that would help you make a decision regarding our entering into a professional relationship.  

A common question might be, how much time and money might this require.  I can’t really predict how long it takes each individual to journey through the growth process.  Some people give themselves a certain number of sessions to try it out and declare it at the beginning.  That gives me some idea of what budget needs are and what might get accomplished in the said amount of time.

Another common question for therapy clients has to do with insurance.  It is helpful if you call your insurance company before getting started in this process to see what their coverage is for “out-of-network” providers.  If you already have good insurance and can better afford one of the therapists on your insurance’s provider list, it might be better for you in the long run to pay less and be able to stay at it longer, although I find that many insurance companies decide on the number of visits they are willing to cover and have other stipulations.  Research having to do with how to cover the cost of services ahead of time saves me time and effort. Thank you.