• South Denver (I-25 and Colorado Blvd.) (Tuesdays)
  • Westminster (Mondays)
  • Cherry Creek Office (Wed. - Friday)

SOUTH DENVER OFFICE 1777 South Harrison Street, Suite 1200, Denver, CO 80210

Directions from the South: Take I-25 to Colorado Blvd Exit, Turn left from the far left turning lane onto Colorado Blvd. Turn left at the first light which is Mexico and then again at the next left which is Harrison Street.

Directions from the North: I-25 to Colorado Blvd. Exit 204. Turn left onto Colorado Blvd from the left turning lane. Take the first left at Mexico and then again at the next left which is Harrison Street.

Once into the building complex, turn into the visitor underground parking on the right which is building CenterPoint II. Enter the building at the South end of the parking garage. Parking is free for the first hour and $1/hr. thereafter.

Take the elevator to the 12th floor and look for the Sondermind Office Suites.

WESTMINSTER OFFICE 8461 Turnpike Drive, Suite 950, Denver, CO 80209

Directions from Hwy 36 and Sheridan, exiting South. Go 2 stoplights to Turnpike Drive. Turn left and go to the end of the office park. Parking is behind the last building.


CHERRY CREEK OFFICE: 50 South Steele Street, Suite 950, Denver, CO 80209

Located across from Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Turn onto Ellsworth Ave. and go to the first ally as parking is behind the building. Visitors park on the left.

Call or Text 720-371-9780 with any questions