"I entered into counseling in the midst of a painful divorce at age 60 to learn more about myself and to explore my role in the failure of my marriage.  I was able to identify unhealthy thought patterns and behavior choices.  I learned that the rejection I experienced due to my divorce created a tendency in me to be controlling.  Coming out of denial was painful but enlightening.  It was like seeing the big picture regarding the dynamics of our relationship and identifying where our intimacy started to break down.  What I really loved about the process is that I was able to gain understanding of my personality and marriage dynamics quickly.  I felt like Beth schooled me about what a healthy relationship would look like.  I entered into my own self-development process that has made me much stronger and able to face the future with confidence.  I felt comfortable exploring my relationship with God, and more importantly, His relationship with me.  I can now sleep through the night peacefully and wake up refreshed!  I look forward to my future.                Jean                                                                                                                                          

"I have been engaged in a long-distance coaching relationship with Beth for over four years now.  I want to share with you from my heart, the true and long-lasting impact she has made on my life.  I sought out coaching when I was filled with anger, fear and emotional pain.  The hard work we have done together using methods like 4 gateways and voice dialogue produced the positive results I needed.  Safe, caring, concerned, authentic and affirming are words I would easily use to describe Beth.  I trust her guidance completely.  If you want more joy, balance and self-awareness, I highly recommend my coach and friend."                                                            Kate

“I have had panic attacks since I was 2.  I learned a lot about the mind/body connection and how emotional traumas can manifest in the body.  The “tapping” exercise, which I learned shortly after starting counseling, helped me to start accepting myself.  EMDR was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.  My healing process was difficult and there were many tears as I faced my fears.  I felt like I was cracked open and all of the impurities were cleaned out.  Many times I would go to the office with panic and was calmed and less confused when I left.  Beth gave me a name for what I was feeling and knowing that others were going through it as well was comforting.  All of the processing somehow readjusted my body.  I could almost feel my brain rewiring after my sessions.  I recommend the process to people I meet.  I found Beth, as my counselor, to be kind and supportive, reliable and wise.  I feel so grateful to have been introduced to therapy which has changed my life.  I don’t remember the last time I have had a panic attack and now say with a firm voice that “I totally love and completely accept myself.”    Laura                                                                                                                                                            

"I entered into therapy after my experience at a New Life Intensive weekend.  I was in a post-abortion healing group and Beth was the group facilitator. I was challenged to deal with things head on.  I was full of rage and had several addictions.  Beth keeps me honest with myself and even offends me sometimes, but always reminds of of how lovingly God views me.  We laugh a lot, but I know that God is doing a serious amount of work in me and I feel blessed and grateful.  I am happy to have found a therapist that gets results."                                                                                                   M                                                                                    

"Beth has enabled me to look at present day tragedies and see how they connect to childhood traumas.  By getting a better sense of unresolved feelings, I have been able to see more clearly how my responses come from thinking habits established long ago.  Beth has been a tremendous resource.  An excellent listener, she is able to give ideas and suggestions for living a fuller, richer life in my personal world.  I have gained a better perspective of my situations, past and present, which have helped me to move beyond the pain of things that have happened and I can live with more freedom."                                                                                                      Kit

"At the beginning of therapy I was very angry. I didn’t know how to get over the anger and it was very scary.  In a painful and interesting way I learned about why I’ve allowed myself to make certain choices in relationships.  I often felt like a doormat.  The anger was up and down and I sometimes I didn’t feel like I was making any progress but then I started to see where it might go. 

I slowly started to see the difference.  I started to have moments of realization that I was feeling less hurt and more indifferent.  I started to understand myself.  I became more present and no longer was operating from so many “shoulds” but making more intentional choices.  I figured out why I couldn’t say and do what  I wanted.  The anger started to dissipate. 

Within the last few months I just started to feel more empowered, to do and say things differently. I’m starting to speak up to my family and feel I might have a shot at holding my own in a relationship.  At work I finally feel like I deserve my job, and even a promotion.  I’m standing up for myself more. 

Along the way it got difficult, but I realized that life was more difficult when I was looking for external validation, thinking I needed a partner and settling.

Now I am starting to become the person I would someday want to be with.  This is money well spent.  I have a Masters Degree but realize that I wouldn’t be able to reach my full potential if I hadn’t done this work.  Until I got into it, I didn’t even realize what I didn’t know.”                                                                                          Jenny
                                                                                                                                          “Therapy has helped my relationship with my wife.  We were on a bad path and I don’t think we would have stayed together had we not sought counseling.  We are growing spiritually and emotionally and couldn’t be happier.  The EMDR and EFT tapping techniques helped me to deal with situations differently as I now understand how my upbringing has shaped me. I am able to slow down and channel my anger.  I have learned how to deal with people in the business world, overcoming my fears, knowing that no one is any better than I am.  The skills I have learned along the way will help me for the rest of my life.”                                      Tom                                                                                                                                                      

“In my attempt to heal from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Beth helped to ground me which gave me freedom to explore energy work and meditation while still keeping my Christian beliefs a priority.”                                                                                   Ann                                                                                                                                        

“I'm noticing more of my surroundings at work, not avoiding people and staff at work, not as rushed, increased energy and finding things to laugh at.”          D.B.

"Counseling has taught me about how change is a gradual process, which helped motivate me to be consistent with my weight loss efforts.  EFT and other tools have helped me make better choices."                                                                             Emily   

“Coaching has been a natural progression from an earlier experience of face-to-face counseling I did with a therapist years ago. Nothing has been watered down.  It has been hard work to remain in a self-reflective mode.  I can see how I no longer need the validation that I needed earlier in the healing process.  The benefits of long-distance coaching is my ability to travel and keep my sessions consistent as I fill in the pieces.  It has really worked for me.”                                        Angie in Washington

“I came into counseling to deal with my marriage. I’ve learned that changing my actions can help to change how my partner responds to me.  I’m using new skills when we argue, not backing down as much.”                                                 Jeff

“As a new business owner lacking in confidence, I found that a few EMDR sessions helped me to retrace where my insecurities came from.  My husband could even see a difference in just a few sessions.  Now he has joined me in the process.”       B.T.

"When I entered into what has been a learning process with Beth Sturges, I was very confused and emotionally immobilized due to my husband’s unemployment for over a year.  He turned to alcohol, smoking and pornography and had become verbally abusive.  Through counseling and guidance from the Lord, I learned how to set boundaries and what it means to be an enabling partner.  I discovered that growing up in an alcoholic family contributed to my situation.  I learned how to reclaim my dignity while making thoughtful, conscious and informed decisions regarding my marriage.  So far I have learned how to "detach with love" and to better define, uniqueness as a person.  I also have a deeper understanding of my own God-given ministry in the world."                                                            M.S.                                                                                                                           

“Beth has been my long distance life coach over the last couple of years when I decided to do the hard work of overcoming the problem areas in my life. Beth  was supportive of me even after the times I became afraid and  ran from the work. Beth has a way of helping you to truly care for yourself. And for that I am truly grateful.”                                                                                 Jason, Florida


“I am noticing more of my surroundings as I am more relaxed, not avoiding the staff at work any longer and not as rushed.  I laugh a lot now and have more energy.”