Policy Statements

  • I strictly observe confidentiality in all of my professional relationships unless there is indication of harm to yourself or to another.
  • I keep email addresses and other pertinent information confidential as well.
  • I charge full fee for no shows and a $25.00 fee for late cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. 
  • In the event of court case involvement, phone conversations with you or persons you have authorized me to speak with will be pro-rated at my standard rate. 

    You will be asked to sign a document similar to the one below in the event that I become involved in a court case:


                    In the event that Beth Sturges, MA, LPC is called upon to comply with a subpoena, write a         report, take a deposition or to testify before the court, telephonically or in person,                                                   I, _________________________  will be responsible to pay for both travel and preparation  time  time at $130.00 per hour.


                    Signed: _________________________________           Date: __________________________