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We all have unique differences, but we have one thing in common; it is our greatest asset.  Once we tap into it, our lives can change dramatically.  It is our power to choose.  Coaching can help you to recognize this power to choose, thereby motivating you to action.
Coaching is known to be useful in meeting performance goals and objectives, but can also be used to develop admirable character traits as well.  Meeting goals around establishing good habits will also result in developing integrity with oneself.
My years spent working as a therapist with clients whose focus was on changing themselves for the better taught me that the process can get murky; and that involving someone to help gain a different perspective was invaluable.

A coaching relationship opens up self-awareness and can generate a powerful new “you” who can choose whatever type of person you want to be.  You can either present yourself as positive or negative, inspiring or deadening, intentional or indifferent, creative or crushing.  You can reinvent yourself and end up accomplishing what you never thought possible. 

New perspectives around money and your work can free you to find a flow to your life that becomes personally fulfilling.  I have found that attaining certain goals, expecting they would bring contentment, only resulted in returning to the same reality once they were met.   Loving what you do can replace money as a source of happiness as you create value in your work. You can find a way to both enjoy your work and make
a satisfactory income.

A coaching goal around relationships would be to learn how to get along by establishing  boundaries.  You can develop the difficult skill of not being "dominating" or "dominated" thereby, helping others while at the same time meeting your own needs. 

Coaching gives you the courage to make changes; it gives you a place to listen to your inner values; it gives you the ability to eventually experience the inner peace and calmness you've been looking for. 

One of the most powerful aspects of coaching is in the use of asking good questions.  The 4 gateways coaching questions are well engineered and designed to help you reach the intangible goal of transformation as well as your performance goals.

Transformation is a goal based on the assumption that we all have the capacity to change ourselves from the inside out.  The 4 Gateways model addresses the belief that we often view ourselves, others and situations from only one or two different perspectives.  Three rounds of questions offer clients a chance to step back and look at their situations from four different viewpoints.  

The goal is to line up with your whole self, the logical part of you, the feeling part, the part that wants to move into action, and the often neglected part that is connected to the spiritual part of you.  In other words, 4 G’s, as we affectionately call it, allows you to step back and take the time to witness all aspects of your real self:  1 - your thoughts and words, 2 - your sadness and fears, 3 - your intentions and actions and 4 - your inner wisdom and knowing.  The experience will give you valuable information to use in solving problems and changing how you deal with different situations.

Once learned with the help of a coach, the 4 Gateways model can be used by you as part of your ongoing growth experience on your own.  It becomes second nature to look at all problems from these different perspectives.  It encourages more time spent in solitude, tapping into the Divine and all of the truth found within yourself.  The result is to end up with more self-acceptance, self-awareness and a true motivation to shift your behavior.   It will enable you to live a more balanced and harmonious life and is most always a very satisfying experience. /

Coaching is easily accomplished over the telephone.  One of the benefits of long-distance coaching is that you can be mobile.  Doing coaching sessions from your home or while you travel allows for consistency that may not be available otherwise.   Keeping up the momentum with weekly calls when life gets busy, without the pressure of keeping an office appointment, can help move you forward.  Long-distance coaching also gives a wider range of choices as you look for a coach that best fits your needs.