Agreements and Fees

Therapy Agreements and Fees

Coaching Agreements and Fees

Group Agreements and Fees

  • I will have you fill out an Initial Intake Form providing contact information 
  • My fee is $130 per hour. Both 60 and 90 minute appointments are available.   You can pay by cash, check, or credit card. Checks may be made out to Beth Sturges.  I take all major credit cards. 
  • I ask for payment at time of service. 
  • I generate an “Attending Provider Statement” for “out-of-network” insurance reimbursement, which normally covers up to about 50% of your fee. 
  • I do not currently accept any insurance plans as payment.   I am considered an out-of-network provider and will give you an Attending Provider Statement for you to attach to your insurance paperwork with my credentials and the dates of service.  Your insurance company will then reimburse you.  You are solely responsible for payment as I cannot guarantee that you will receive reimbursement from your insurance provider.


    It is helpful to contact your insurance company before  calling to schedule an appointment in order to determine whether they cover Out-of-Network Providers.       

  •   When you enter into a therapeutic relationship, you will be asked to pay at the time of service.  I encourage you to schedule a regular weekly session at the same time and day every week.  It helps you to carve out that time for yourself and to set your budget accordingly.   Eventually you will decide that weekly sessions are no longer necessary and would benefit by scheduling less often. 



  •  Cancellations due to an emergency situation will not require a fee. Otherwise, since your scheduled appointment reserves a place on my schedule, you will be charged for a missed appointment.   If you reschedule an appointment that takes place within the same week as your canceled appointment, you will not be charged.


                     There will be a $25 late cancellation fee if you do not call within 24 hours to cancel your appointment.

  • All communication is held in strictest confidence.  The only exception is the legal requirement that I report circumstances wherein a client states an intention to harm him or herself, or others; and in cases of recent or ongoing abuse.  Any necessary reports to doctors or insurance companies will not divulge personal material that has been said in confidence unless otherwise directed by you.

  • You may download the Coaching Agreement and Goals Form to fill out and return prior to our first session. 
  • I presently charge $130 for a 50-55 minute session.   I require a minimum of 3 months commitment, but not advance payment.  You may pay by sending a check to 1777 So. Harrison St. Suite 1200, Denver, CO 80210 or you you may use a credit or debit card. The weekly session fee will  be charged on the day of service.
  • I offer a discount package of $1000 for 8 sessions paid in advance.  

  • Traditionally, groups run for one and a half hours long once a week.
  • I ask for a 3 month commitment.  I require payment each week by a credit or debit card, which will be charged weekly on the day of the group.
  • At the end of 3 months, another agreement for further sessions may be negotiated.
  • Group sessions cost $40 per weekly session.
  • Insurance may cover up to 50% of the group fee.  I generate an Attending Provider Statement for our-of-network insurance reimbursement, which normally covers up to about 50% of your fee