EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Energy Modalities
There are alternative therapies that go beyond traditional counseling and positive psychology.  The powerful subconscious mind is a large part of what governs our body’s ANS (autonomic nervous system).  Intense emotions can cause the ANS to be stuck in high stress mode, which research shows will eventually compromise the immune system, leading to illness.

EFT is an energy modality based on the subtle but measurable energy vibrations present in all things.  Just as electrical fields measured by EEG’s,  EKG’s and MRI’s were at one time not known or measurable, until recently; energy fields have not been noticeable as well.  Acupuncture, which is becoming a highly effective and accepted treatment, is an energy medicine therapy offered as an alternative to traditional medical treatments for healing.  EFT is gradually gaining acceptance as well.


The theory behind EFT is based on the same meridian points as that of acupuncture.  Tapping  is done on specific meridian points associated with specific thoughts and emotions.  The tapping along with affirmations and brain balancing procedures can remove blocks that can cause issues like fear of failure, anxiety and unresolved anger.  These complex emotions can also be at the root of some physical ailments.  EFT can help to shift those feelings that have been known to relieve symptoms.

Emotional Shifts
Like acupuncture, EFT is based on the assumption that emotional issues drive some physical issues and that unresolved past events can influence the present beliefs we carry within us.  For example, a child who was told that, “children are to be seen and not heard” may develop a general belief that he or she doesn’t matter, which can then be translated into attitudes that overlook offensive behavior.  The lack of boundaries in relationships will eventually cause anger and resentment to set in, which as been proven to affect the immune system.  A compromised immune system may eventually lead to a weakness in the system and to a particular illness.  In short, EFT exercises can help find the root cause of what is making you unhappy or even sick.

Creating Positive Beliefs
EFT not only eliminates the negative but can also enhance the positive by eliminating obstacles that hinder personal achievement.  Many highly skilled people appear to be less capable than they really are because of self-doubt or a fear of success.  Old experiences of disappointment and failure, criticism, ridicule or guilt can get in the way of our best attempts at success.  Utilizing great skills might not be accomplished without the internal resources to go along with them.

Adding energy routines like EFT to a daily regimen can be a great preventative approach to deter future imbalances.

Learn more about EFT at www.emofree.org